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We are in the process of building a team of extraordinary people – all passionate, knowledge-hungry, dynamic, and brave individuals collaborating to do great things with technology.

Our company is made of individuals who:

  • Love technology
  • Are the top 1% of developers in the Philippines
  • Graduated from a prestigious university
  • Hate cheap outsourcing
  • Want to work with the smartest people
  • Want to add great projects to their list of accomplishments
  • Have the talent to build a great company in the Philippines
  • Want to make great money
  • Want to work with U.S. customers

All candidates must pass a challenging technical examination and have a proven track record of technical accomplishments.
We are on the lookout for Software Architects and Senior Software Engineers. We are particularly interested in candidates with expertise on the Microsoft platform.

For enquiries about careers or to submit your CV: careers@saperium.com
All information will be kept strictly confidential.

Successfully refer a developer to us and receive 1,000 USD or an iPad 2. The first person to refer someone who gets hired qualifies for the prize.