Concept Works

Saperium takes pride in the applications and proof of concepts built by our developers. We are also proud to showcase the projects of our interns that were developed in Saperium's full-stack software engineering training program. These works are testaments to the learning-centered culture of the company, the current and upcoming technologies that we use, and the level of excellence that we strive to achieve.

Brainly Clone

Lyzer Merck Bautista   —   August 23, 2021

Brainly is a platform where users can ask questions regarding their studies and get feedback and answers from other users. This full-stack application is a perfect fit in showcasing the learning curve that the Saperium Internship Program provides. Embedded in its features such as CRUD operations on questions, answers, and comments, and real-time messaging and updates, is the technology stack in the learning curve comprised of NodeJS and Express for the back-end, Angular for the front-end, Socket.IO for real-time web, and MySQL and Redis for the database.

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Robie Carlos   —   August 23, 2021

Shopeerium is full-stack application based on the popular e-commerce site Shopee. Unlike Shopee which requires you to have money, in here you can checkout items to your heart's content. In Shopeerium you can buy items as a regular user or set-up your own shop as a seller without worrying about taxes. The front-end of the application was made using Angular and Bootstrap 5 while the backend uses NodeJS with a mySQL database paired with Redis for document storage. Real-time updates are also implemented using Socket.IO.

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