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Saperium is an elite software company composed of extraordinary people. Our company is all about extraordinary individuals who love technology and want to use their talents to break away from the pack and do great things.

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Where do great things come from? It’s not about great companies; it’s not about great organizations. It’s about people doing extraordinary things.

Saperium is an elite software company aimed to revolutionize I.T. outsourcing in the Philippines. The team is headed by John Lauer, a former senior executive of Microsoft Corporation.

During his tenure as Regional Director of South East Asia and later Vice President of Asia Pacific, he was responsible for Microsoft’s overall operations in ten (10) countries.

He has an excellent grasp on the state of the software industry both locally and abroad, and is poised to push boundaries to expand the Philippines’ potential. The word Saperium is derived from the Latin sapere aude which means “Dare to be wise!” Our company is all about extraordinary individuals who love technology and want to use their talents to break away from the pack and do great things.


Really great software developers are hard to find. The difference between good programmers and extraordinary programmers is exponential. Great programmers like to work with other great programmers. They like to be in an environment that is solely focused on creating awesome software. They do not like to work for large companies with hundreds of cubicles filled with average developers. They do not like to work inside of companies that are not purely focused on the art and magic of great software. They like to choose the projects they work on. They love working closely with customers committed to shipping a quality product so users can experience what they built.

We have put together a team of extraordinary programmers.

Customers like working with developers committed to delivering a quality product on time and on budget. They want developers that do not overpromise but deliver what they say they will deliver. Customers like developers that stay in close communication and are flexible. Customers like to see working code as the project passes each milestone. Customers want to work with experts who can point out areas not previously considered. Customers want to enjoy the process of building software together.

If you think your project or product might be a good fit with our company, we would love to hear from you.

For nearly 10 years, Saperium has been working closely with CARWAVE in building their legacy through great software, and elite backoffice, sales, and accounting support. With the recent announcement of KAR Global's acquisition of CARWAVE, Saperium will now focus on making an even bigger impact in online auto auctions in the United States as we work hand in hand with KAR Global in building CARWAVE's ever expanding legacy. Saperium is now poised to play a bigger role in the digitalization of the automobile industry in the United States, and we are excited for the new opportunities that working with KAR Global and CARWAVE will bring.

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